Thursday, 26 June 2008

Keith Busby's mystical healing day at Cairn Capital

Let the healing begin! Actually, it's all over. On Monday this week, award-winning financial psychic Keith Busby visited the headquarters of London-based Cairn Capital, and he healed the whole team. He told me, 'Yeah, the management called me in. They were concerned that some of their staff had bad karma and blocked chakras and shitty auras. So I did my thing. Got out the healing crystals, lit a few candles, a tarot card reading or two, even a foot massage - Andrew Burke requested that for reasons best known to himself. But anyway, a great time was had by all. And I got two grand out of it. Not bad for half a day's work.'

Here's what the Cairn Capital boys and girls had to say about this amazing day:

Dhiraj Bajaj: 'Keith Busby is the man!', Christopher Bentley: 'Keith blew my mind', Andrew Burke: 'I had the time of my life', Magnus Butlin: 'What a character!', Paul Campbell: 'The man's a genius', Jenna Collins: 'Just what I needed on a Monday morning. I hope he comes back', Manuel Delgado: 'Nonsense like this makes my blood boil', Tim Frost: 'He struck me as a bit of a charlatan, but I certainly enjoyed myself', Arnaud Graebert: 'No comment', Aysha Green: 'Great guy', Andrew Haddleton: 'What the hell was all that about? But it got me a few hours off work', Roy Harris: 'Keith is a top bloke', Steve Harrison: 'Ten out of ten. Really impressed', David Henriques: 'Mr Busby will go down in history', Paul Higham: 'It was nice', Vanaja Indra: 'Wonderful', Andrew Jackson: 'It was all right, I suppose', Andrew Jarmolkiewicz: 'I had fun', Cyrus Kateli: 'No comment', Sid Kaul: 'I can't remember the last time I laughed so much. Steve Harrison was balancing a crystal on his head. But whatever floats your boat', Jerry Khasar: 'A day to remember', David Littlewood: 'I liked him', Haqnoor Khan: 'Was he on drugs?', Stefano Loreti: 'Cool!', Samantha Lynch: 'A bit of a wanker', Gareth Mills: 'I don't approve of all this voodoo shit', Neil Milton: 'Anything that gets me away from my desk for a while is okay by me', John Murphy: 'I didn't take to him at all', Alistair Murrell: 'Keith made me smile', Duncan Needham: 'He unblocked my chakras and I won't hear a word said against him', Robert Pierce Jones: 'Strange guy. Amusing though', Khuram Sharih: 'I've seen better', James Starky: 'Keith is one in a million', Mark Stieler: 'Keith told me I had bad karma, but he sorted it', Vlad Stupak: 'I've got bad karma and something wrong with my aura, and he couldn't help me. Not at all pleased', Renee Toft: 'I wish I could earn a living like that', Andre Vollmann: 'I consider him a fucking nutter, sorry', Shaun Wood: 'The smoke from those candles made me ill'.