Friday, 20 June 2008

Advice for Ralph Cioffi and Matthew Tannin

Listen, Ralph, mate. And you, Matthew. I don't know if you two are innocent or not. I have no knowledge of this matter. I'm not involved. All I do know is that you've got to tell the Feds everything you know about Jack Pickles. And I mean EVERYTHING. Normally, I would say - never rat on your friends. But Jack ain't no friend of yours. He ain't got no friends.

Let me tell you something about this evil cocksucker. Jack Pickles has darkness in his heart. The man is in league with the devil. Money does not burn within him. Money has burnt him out. He's a shell of a man. A burnt-out shell of pure evil. Do you really want to protect someone like that? Think of your families. Think of the afterlife. Ralph, Matthew, please listen to me. You have got to give Jack up. Let the Feds deal with him. One more thing: you better go into the Witness Protection Program because Jack's hellish crew will be out for your blood. Good luck, guys.