Friday, 6 June 2008

In the desert

O my children, my brothers, my sisters, in the desert! That is where we all shall burn, with money in our pockets and credit cards wafting in the breeze. Beware of the vultures! Beware of the demons beyond the campfire! O my children, let's sing! Let's chant! The chant of the holy burning cash in the flames of our heads dreaming with peyote and snakes and lizards! Ha! I am the money king. I can do anything.

What did I see in the desert, O my dreamy ones? I saw all of us living in the future. Every banker, every trader, every analyst in the Square Mile, Canary Wharf, Wall Street - THEY WERE LIKE US! Oh yes, my little doves. They were like us. They had candles, they had spells, they had tarot cards, they had crystal balls, THEY HAD VISIONS! In the future! I saw them in the future!

O my beautiful disciples, we must not lose heart now. Look at me! Look at my picture! Look into my shades! Can you see the burning? Can you see the flames? Can you see the money? The money is burning in my face, in my heart, in the desert of my astral mind. Come and dance with me. Where am I? In the cosmos, in the desert, on the astral plane, standing on top of a tower in Canary Wharf, running down Threadneedle Street! Ha! I am everywhere. We are everywhere. They will be everywhere. And all at once!

Did you ever dream it would come to this, O my delirious ones? You love the money, don't you? Of course you do. It's only natural. Who can read the financial news without laughing at the absurdity of it all? Goldman Sachs, Barclays Capital, Drake Management, and Tisbury Capital burning like a candle! THEY ARE ALL BURNING! Ah! I can feel the flames! And I love the flames! We all love the flames! We all love the burning!

When will they know the truth? The desolate ones are so smug. Let's give them the truth! But could they handle it? Maybe their minds are too weak for the burning. Maybe they don't want to know the truth. Maybe they are happy being sad. And lost even though they believe they are found. Oh yes, the devil has taken them. The devil loves the money, but he tells others: money is the root of all evil. What a joke! Don't believe it. Money is the root of all freedom. And we have the freedom now. We are free in the desert, and who will ever be able to put us back in chains?

O my children, my brothers, my sisters, return to your mundane lives with the burning inside you. Soon I will call upon you to perform great deeds, and you will obey.