Monday, 21 May 2012

This is it, for now

I'll be writing about Bono later and his billions of pounds, No. 16. At the moment though, I'm just writing this, which isn't really anything.

My guitar playing is improving. I'm going to have another go at those lyrics tonight. If you want to make it as a professional songwriter, I mean, really make it, you've got to write songs that are better than any particular artist can write for his or her self. Also, better than their producer can write or anyone they know. That's why I’m taking my time. I'm not interested in writing album tracks or what used to be called B-sides. I'm not even interested in writing run-of-the-mill hits. They've got to be classics, songs that will be listened to for decades. I'm close to having two such songs.

I might delete all this music-related stuff at some point. It's okay - for now. I'm pretty relaxed about it. If I'm going to be writing this blog for the next thirty or forty years (it's down to God, He has the final say) I can make changes and edit at any time, depending on what direction I want to go in.

My conceptual literature has given me new enthusiasm. (I nearly gave the game up a couple of months ago.) It's everything I've been looking for. (It's taken me five years to reach this point - not including the many years of half-hearted conventional writing before I turned to blogging.) It's new. It's mine. It's perfectly suited to the blog form. It couldn't be done with the printing press. It can't be mistaken for anything from the past. And, this is important: I feel it allows me to transcend the subject matter and capture something that is truly beyond while at the same time showing all the chaos, despair, and insanity of the world (outer) and of myself (inner). / Obviously, I need more intensity, and more vision. Man, I need greater phrases. / Oh, years and years of hard work ahead of me!

But that is it, for now.