Monday, 14 January 2013

Bart Turtelboom and Karim Abdel-Motaal (if they exist) are leaving GLG to start their own hedge fund

Right, I'm taking this news with a pinch of salt. Firstly, the hedge fund doesn't even have a name, and I'm always suspicious of hedge funds that don't have names. Secondly, I still haven't seen any proof that Bart Turtelboom and Karim Abdel-Motaal actually exist, so ... 'It's a fantasy, Mikey.' What is, Voice? 'The hedge fund, Bart, Karim, GLG Partners, Man Group, the news, the -' Hold on a minute, man! Don't throw out the baby with the bath water. 'Baby?' The GLG/Man nonsense is the baby. 'Is it?!' I don't know, Voice. I'm just making conversation. 'You're just talking jive, that's what you doing, boy.' Whatever.

Jive talking. / Speaking of music, I rewrote the lyrics (well, a few lines) of My Heart yesterday. This means I'll have to record it again. Never mind. / The song is stronger now. As Tony Robbins says, you change something by one millimetre and the whole thing changes. 'Eh?' Don't worry about it, Voice. I know what he means.

I might work on the other lyric today. 'Yeah.' It's supposed to be a summer song. Ha! / I reckon I'll have to start playing my guitar about two or three hours a day. But I haven't got the time! 'Make time, Mikey! You can sleep when you're dead.' Whatever.

Well, I hope Bart and Karim ... you know. 'You wish the best for them, even if they're not real.' Yeah, basically, that's it.

Update (3.45pm): 'Some exciting developments with Bart and Karim, Mikey?' Don't be stupid, Voice. No, my guitar playing is shit. Either that or My Heart is really difficult to record. Pretty depressed now. I'm never going to be ready at this rate. / And I'll probably have nightmares about those two tonight. And look at the fucking weather! What a miserable life! 

Update (7.30pm): I'm going back to the old lyrics and recording of My Heart. And my mind is in a state of chaos. / I need a new guitar. A cheap guitar is going to sound shit even if you've got expensive strings. / I feel like I'm wading through treacle. It wasn't like this when I was twenty. I remember I made a video (I hired a couple of characters) in a rehearsal studio. I played five songs on the piano, and five on the guitar, and didn't make one mistake. What the hell is going on? (I destroyed the video years ago when I went off music. A real shame. Lost those songs as well.  'But now you're back like "Fast" Eddie Felson!' You reckon, Voice? I don't know. Everything is totally fucked.) I'm going to beat this shit. I don't care what it takes.