Monday, 7 January 2013

I'm writing in the night again (and the financial news is boring me to desperate tears)

There's no financial news worth writing about. 'Well ...' / We shouldn't be surprised. I doubt there will be much news this year. It's just that ... finance is going to pot, getting boring. Yes, it is. / I suppose it had to happen. / There's no Bobby D to talk to. I miss Bobby. And I don't know what Lloyd is doing.

Maybe there'll be some ... new hedge funds this week, uh, launching and shit. God, I hope not. Why do they bother? I mean, Christ, where do they get their enthusiasm from?

At least I'm being honest. / Yeah, if there's no news, I say so. I don't pretend, man. That would be ridiculous. / Chips? There aren't enough chips for all the paper that goes into nothingness. And on the internet there's no paper at all, so ... no need for chips.

I could make my own news, but ... I haven't got the energy. / I'm just relaxing, listening to some tunes. / I'm feeling very calm, actually. It's a nice change for me. / There's no pressure. / Oh, I don't care what people expect. I don't have to make anybody happy.

I still need those lyrics. / I'll try again, later today. / It's the hardest thing I've ever done, my new music. / Not like the songs I used to write when I was a kid. / I'm trying to reach a higher level, the highest level. / Ego, and pride, killers.


 'Blogging, Mikey?' / Er, well, it's like being in the Legion, Voice, all this blogging. Think about it, man. / My platoon has been wiped out. 'Yeah, right.' I'm crawling through the desert of my mind, and I want water! / 'Water?' / Music is the water. / One day, people will come here to see the skeletons, picked clean by vultures.