Thursday, 31 January 2013

Stuart Thomson at Ignis has just discovered we're all going through a bad time

Stuart says it's vile. And he's shocked. He had no idea there was a credit crunch in 2007. No one told him about Lehman Brothers in 2008. Speaking to me earlier, he said: "Mr Fowke, where have I been, in a goddamn dream world? Oh my God! Inflation, limited expansion, oh, and the chaos, riots in Greece. Why wasn't I told before now?!"

Jesus H. Christ. Why didn't anyone keep him informed? / Mr Thomson is the chief economist at Ignis Asset Management. They even let him co-manage one of the funds. / Maybe it was the trauma. 'Maybe he's a bit thick.' Shut it, Voice! Have some respect. / Maybe he was told, but he blocked it all out. Yes, that's what happened. 'Like a six-year coma, eh?' He hasn't been in a coma, man. 'Well, a dream world, Mikey, like he says. Er, astral plane?' I think I would know if he had been floating around on the astral plane for the last six years, don't you? 'Yeah, I suppose.' / Dream world it is then. Some guys have all the luck.


Another sunny day, and I'm stuck indoors. What a miserable life! Should I go out after lunch, or make a start on No. 92?

I've played a lot of guitar this week. / Five hours, Sunday. Two hours, Monday. Three and a half hours, Tuesday. One and a half hours, yesterday. / I'd like to do more, of course.

The sun's disappeared. Good.