Thursday, 24 January 2013

Is ICAP involved in all this Libor fixing nonsense?

Who cares?! ICAP does loads of wonderful work for charity, that's the important thing. But, of course, the FSA isn't impressed, so it wants to investigate ICAP. Whatever. I mean, if it makes them happy at the FSA, eh?


Oh, man, that will have to do. I can't focus on finance at the moment. I'm too excited, man! 'Excited about your music, Mikey?' Fuckin' A, Voice! I'm working on my guitar playing whenever I can, but I'll be recording My Heart on Sunday. It might take the whole day. I recorded the earlier version over 150 times at Christmas. 'Yeah, and you still couldn't get it right.' Cut me some slack, Voice. I'm not the greatest musician in the world. I'm getting better though.

After lunch, I'll write No. 90. / I'm in a positive mood, so I'll try to make it a nice one. 'Not all moaning and misery then?' No, not today. Conceptual literature (and life) is what you make it.

I'm listening to Guns N' Roses again. I go through different periods. One week it might be Neil Young, or Prince. Now it's these crazy guys. 'Well, nothing lasts forever, Mikey, and we both know hearts can change.' Exactly!