Thursday, 10 January 2013

They've put Paul Flather in charge of the Palisade Long/Short Alpha fund

Yeah, he's managing the bloody thing, which is just great. Only one problem, I can't find any mention of Mr Flather on their goddamn website. / I'm talking about Palisade Capital Management, obviously. Everyone else has a bio, but not our Paul. What the hell is going on?! 'Calm down, Mikey. Palisade bought Paul's old hedge fund, Hermes Advisors. Now they've given him this new fund to manage. It keeps him off the streets, I suppose.' So is he an employee, or what, Voice? 'I don't know, man. Does it matter?' I just like things to be tidy, you know. And clear. / See if you can dig this: every day we strive to preserve and enhance wealth by achieving consistent and superior risk-adjusted performance in the realm of spirit. We believe anticipation of clients' needs, responsiveness to their requests, and furthering their understanding of our approach is critical to long-term successful relationships. 'Yeah, I can dig that. The realm of spirit stuff is a bit old hat though. Very 2008, ain't it?' They don't realize we've moved on, Voice. 'They probably think we're still in the desert with burning love in our hearts, Mikey.' Oh, don't! We've got to look to the future. You're so sentimental. 'I know.' 


I've been reading about Prince. / That guy works on his music around the clock. He hardly ever sleeps. I think he's a good role model. I'd like to be like him, with no distractions.

If I'm going to write for others, I reckon fifty classic songs in five years will be quite a result. However, if I'm going to write just for myself, I'll want to write the fifty plus more than a hundred good album tracks. In five years, I mean.

I can't understand people who only write three or four classic songs. Inspiration is bullshit. It's hard work, will, and desire that get the job done. Watch this space.