Thursday, 3 January 2013

SaLaurMor Capital?

What kind of crazy ass name is this for a new hedge fund? SaLaurMor Capital! 'Mikey, he's named it after his daughters.' Who has? 'Joel Salomon, man. He was a trader at Citigroup.' But why the big "L" and the big "M"? They look awful. 'Leave him alone. You're just in a bad mood about something again.'

Yeah, Voice is right. I'm always in a bad mood these days. / Is this going to be another year of hedge funds launching, and other hedge funds closing? Jesus H. Christ! Do you know what, dear reader(s)? I really think I can live without it. Anyone with any sense is getting out of finance anyway. No one wants to be a banker any more, or a hedgie. Pretty soon I'll be writing about the handful of squares left behind who didn't have the balls or the imagination to try something (oh, anything!) else. No thank you. Life is too short. / And I was so optimistic back in 2007, when the world was young. 'Ah, the apple trees!'