Thursday, 17 January 2013

Charles Simonian is launching his Trove Capital Management

'Oh, what?!' Soon, not yet, in the spring, I should imagine. Yes, his new hedge fund, Trove, will be a long-short equity thing into large-cap companies, for some reason: you know, business nonsense, consumer stuff, industrial crap, media shit, and telecommunications sectors, which is every kind of large-cap company, really. 'How many funds has he launched now, Mikey?' I don't know, not many. Seven or eight. / 'Why is he doing this?' Well, Voice, Charles Simonian has had enough of working with "Chandler Blockage". 'Oh.' Can you blame him? 'Getting away from that awful "Chandler"? No, I don't blame him. Christ. I think he's made the right decision.' Of course he has. No more horror!


Well, look at that, financial news, reasonably interesting financial news, but only because of the monster.

But ... what else is there? / There's nothing else. I'm used to it. That's why I make my own entertainment. It's why I tolerate the voices.

I can love. I can really love, when you dance - obviously. 'Eh? Are you talking to me?' No. I'm listening to Neil Young.

Music? My guitar playing isn't good enough. I should be able to get a song in three or four takes. So, more work. / There's only one solution: the Prince solution. Massive action around the clock. / I had an idea a while ago that I should take Saturday nights off, well, 4.00pm Saturday to 10.00am Sunday, and then work all the rest of the time, except when I'm sleeping. / I need full-spectrum dominance. Great songs, and great performance, great everything.

A lot of work. / 'Where will you get the energy from, man?' Listen, Voice, if that Krishna guy can go around the world in his seventies, opening temples, writing books, and blue God knows what else, I can do this. And as for finding the time, it's not as if I enjoy "normal" life all that much, is it? TV, the pub, shopping, it's all bollocks. 'Yeah.'


The sun is out!!!