Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Jamie Fairest is taking over, with Bob Jolly in reserve

'What?! What is this?' Oh, shut it! Christ. / Listen, I have no idea who these guys are. I know who Karl Dasher is. Karl is an old friend of mine, from when the world was young. (Ah, the apple trees!) However, I can't tell you who Jamie Fairest and Bob Jolly are. Strangers to me. 'Shame.' I must admit they sound like real characters though, the sort of men I would get on with, given half a chance. The thing is, David Scammell has left Schroders. He couldn't take it no more. He was managing the Schroder ISF Euro Liquidity fund. 'Oh, right.' Jamie has stepped in to stop the whole thing collapsing. 'And Scammell, Mikey?' He's gone looking for the desert, Voice, believe it or not. 'Ha!' But Karl could have told him: "It ain't there, son. There is no desert. Those days are over." I guess some people are just optimists. There's nothing we can do about it. 'Fantasists, more like.' Yeah, you might have a point.

It's sad. / I don't know what David is really looking for. He ran a few funds. They weren't enough for him. Something was lacking. There wasn't enough spirituality, or maybe he had the wrong attitude. It can get confusing. We all feel lost, every now and then. (Not all the time, thank God. That would be a problem.) 'Do you think he's any good on the guitar, man?' How should I know, Voice?


Well, the time has come. / I'm going to break out the Elixir 92/8 phosphor bronze (light) acoustic strings with ultra-thin nanoweb coating. This is serious! I ain't fucking around. They almost cost as much as my bloody guitar, but I don't care. My Heart is a decent song. I need to prove it with a decent demo.

I'm busy the next few days. I'll put them on Saturday, and try to record Sunday.

Hard work. / It's just keeping a steady rhythm ... not making mistakes ... singing in a suitable way ... listening for background noises. / Anything can go wrong. It's a nightmare.