Wednesday, 9 January 2013

What do I know about Jes Staley?

Nothing at all. I've never heard of him. But I can imagine certain things ...

His name isn't Jes. (Imagine that! How absurd!) It's James. A far more civilized name. Jes doesn't work at JPMorgan Chase as a big head of corporate and investment banking. He's a managing partner at BlueMountain Capital Management, which has $12 billion in assets. / This is stuff I imagine to be true. (And there's more, a lot more.) Who's going to argue with me?

 'No one's going to argue with you, Michael. Not in this mood.'

Voice, you're right, I am in a mood. I’m pissed off with all these stupid stories. Oh, what is Jes doing? Where is he going? Who is Jes? / It's all emptiness, Voice.

 'So what are you going to write about?'

Well, I'll be working on a conceptual later, after lunch, No. 85. / It's frustrating though, in a strange sort of way. The more I go a-ROUND, the more I want to go a-ROUND.

 'Yeah, I can dig that.'

Why have you got your own paragraphs now?

 'I don't know, man.'

Don't get ideas above your station. Come over here. 'What?' Are you all right, Voice? 'I'm fine, Mikey.' I don't need you turning funny on me. I've got enough problems.