Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Philippa Gee: inflows, oh crikey!

My favourite wealth management fund bird or whatever, Philippa Gee, is going on about fund management PR insanity and using words like "crikey". She doesn't like news of inflows, which I find a bit strange. Personally, I don't care for any sort of financial news. It fucking sickens me. So why does Philippa single out news of inflows? I don't know. She's a funny girl. I mean, I like her, but ... well, you know.


Yes, I'm writing in the night again, and listening to Brian Eno's Apollo again. There's no law against it.

We won't be hearing from the Voice. I've given him a couple of days off. He's visiting family on the astral plane.

I got those two lines I needed for my song. I'm feeling pretty good now. And I'm in a state of certainty. (I think that's what Tony Robbins calls it.) My life's gonna change.

What about all this snow, eh? I hope we get some nice weather soon. I think I saw a bit of sunshine yesterday morning.

I'm sort of lost without the Voice. I know he can be quite annoying, but he keeps me company. / It's a lonely business, this blogging. Especially if you're isolated and surrounded by enemies (in the fuckosphere), like Julius Caesar. I'm not complaining. Fortunately, I have the strength of soul to cope. And my superiority is a great comfort.

Got Sylvian on now. Instrumentals, thank God.

I'm not very inspired tonight. Just tired. I'm going to sleep. Later(s), reader(s), friend(s). See you Wednesday.