Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Pierre Andurand has got a brand new hedge fund!

All's well that ends well. That's what I say. Why? Pierre Andurand has launched a new hedge fund, Andurand Capital Management. I reckon his BlueGold Capital Management failed because he didn't name it after himself, unless BlueGold is his middle name. Anyway, I think he had a couple of co-founders then. This is different. It's Pierre by himself, and that's better, as far as I'm concerned. There's nothing wrong with a bit of ego.

I'm listening to Guns N' Roses. I'd like to record a song like November Rain. And do the video as well with me playing guitar outside a church wearing leather trousers. But let's get back to Pierre. Yeah, he's got this new hedge fund, which will go in for oil again, just like the last fund. Wonderful! I take my hat off to him. Well, I would if I had one, sweet reader o' mine.

'You're crazy! You're fucking crazy!' What, Voice?! 'I'm quoting Guns N' Roses, Mikey!' Whatever. / So, you're back, are you? 'Obviously, yeah.' Did you have a nice time? 'Yeah.' How are your mum and dad? 'Fine.' Okay. What did you do then? 'Just floated around a bit, you know.' Yeah. The astral plane doesn't change.


I've got a migraine. A bad one. / When I write No. 89 later, I'll do it on paper. That way I won't have to stare at my laptop screen for hours.

"I don't need your civil war. It feeds the rich while it buries the poor."

Right, laters.

'What's so civil about war, anyway, Mikey?'

Get lost, Voice.