Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Invesco Perpetual wants a manager for its Global Equity Income fund

Invesco has asked me, but I'm not interested. 'Mikey, you keep getting asked by these investment nutjobs. When will they learn?' They won't learn, Voice. I've told them, all of them, I'm a spiritual leader. That's my job. They won't listen.

Morningstar has placed this £300 million fund under observation, like it's sick or something. All because Paul Boyne and Doug McGraw weren't interested no more. They've run away to America, to find a better life.

Nick Mustoe is taking care of the fund for the time being, so there's no need to worry. Nick is an experienced shaman and a close personal friend of mine. 'So he asked you?' Yeah, but I said: "Nick, my friend, have some confidence in your own abilities." 'Oh, that's beautiful, man. I love the way you give encouragement to these lunatics.' It's all part of being a spiritual leader, Voice.

They'll miss me when I'm gone. 'You reckon?' Yeah. I've put some colour into their grey lives. I gave them the desert. 'Then you took it away!' I gave them burning love. 'You're just a hunk, a hunk of it!'

There won't even be any banks or hedge funds five years from now. 'It's all falling apart!' / I was the creator of every feast, every triumph, every drama. I tried to invent new flowers, new planets, new flesh, new languages. I thought I had acquired supernatural powers. Ha! I have to bury my imagination and my memories! What an end to a splendid career as an artist and storyteller! 'Eh?' Rimbaud. 'Oh.'

Songs and the occasional conceptual post beyond finance. That's the future I'm working for. I'll be free! 'Free as a bird!' As free as the ... wind. 'As free as a bird floating about on the wind!' Why not, Voice? You only live once.