Monday, 29 July 2013

Glen Galemmo has been accused of some Ponzi nonsense

Are people still doing all the Ponzi stuff? A bit old hat, isn't it? Never mind. / Glen Galemmo is being sued by investors because they reckon he's been running a Ponzi scheme with his Queen City Investments that has cost them hundreds of millions of dollars, or tens, maybe. / Well, I don't know who to believe, and I'm not getting involved. It's in America, anyway. What's it got to do with me? NOTHING! And even if it were happening in England, what would it have to do with me? NOTHING! / I've got problems of my own. I'm still waiting for my cubital fingers to start working again.

Just some words, for a while. / Not much in the mood for this, to tell you the truth. / I'm glad it's a bit cooler now, but I don't like the rain. / I've been looking at a Yamaha keyboard on Amazon. I think they've put the price up recently. Maybe I should give my guitar fingers another week or two. / I'm taking the vitamins, B6. They say that B6 helps you remember your dreams, and it even helps with lucid dreaming. And I can report: it's all true. Unfortunately, I haven't been having any musical dreams lately. I wish I could remember one of the songs I dreamt about a month ago. It sounded awesome, a really great song. It would save me a lot of work. / Er ...

It's Monday morning. What do you want from me, dear reader(s)? / I couldn't work in a bank or a hedge fund. The way I'm feeling. How do you do it? How do you get out of bed in the morning? A day like today. I know it might rain later, but you could go for a walk in the park. Why don't you spend the whole afternoon in the pub? Tell your boss to fuck off. You don't want to be dealing with funds and shit in the middle of summer. You've got human rights, man.