Friday, 5 July 2013

Ian Hannam

People ask me: Mikey, do you really know what's going on in finance? And I reply: Son, I don't want to know half of it.

I just like taking a look at characters. I like to get into their souls. / Ian Hannam is interesting. I've given him plenty of advice in the past. I told him to go into the desert. I said: Feel the burning love, Ian! (Or words to that effect.) / That was a few years ago. There is no desert now. And the burning love? Well, I don't know. Financial shamanism has changed.

Oh, this is from Ian's website -

Ian Hannam is an investment banker and expert in capital markets. He has worked on nearly 300 transactions and book-running deals in more than 40 different countries in a career spanning 30 years. He helped build the capital markets businesses at Salomon Brothers and then JP Morgan and since 1997 has advised on the listing of 12 large companies in London, six of which joined the FTSE 100 index. In April 2012 he said he was resigning from his position as global chairman of J.P. Morgan Capital Markets in order to appeal a decision notice from the FSA.

Ian has a nice, friendly face. It's a face you can trust. / I can't understand why he didn't go into the desert. Maybe Ian is one of those men who have to find their own way. / As we all know, Ian's been having a bit of trouble with The Dead Shark That Is Truly Dead. Well, I'm not going to interfere. I'm sure everything will work out fine.


I'll be going to Cornwall next week. So, no posting until Tuesday the week after.

I can't take my MP3 player with me. It's broken. The new ones are rubbish. They have rechargeable batteries - which are only any use if you have a laptop to charge them with. I'm not taking my laptop. So that means no music to listen to.

Never mind. I'll just wander around and do some thinking. And drinking, and eating.

My guitar fingers will get soft while I'm away, I suppose. Not much I can do about it.

I might make a big effort to finish You're Lying on Sunday. It'll give me something to come back to, three finished songs. / I've just got fragments all over the shop at the moment. It's taking forever, man. But I ain't got forever. / 'How much time did Axl Rose spend working on Chinese Democracy, Mikey?' Shut up, Voice.

Sunday Update: I'm going to Cornwall tomorrow ... on the night train! I can't wait. It's going to be really exciting. / I'm listening to Nightrain by Guns N' Roses (on repeat) to mentally prepare myself for it.