Thursday, 4 July 2013

John Elton is working at Greycroft Partners

Shocking! / Yes, he's given up the music. He's had enough of it. A real shame. 'Eh?' I said he's not into his music no more, Voice. Packed it in. Crazy! I can't understand it, man. Maybe he's depressed. Poor Elton, eh? 'Who?' No, not The Who. Elton John. 'I think you mean John Elton, Mikey. Look at the title of this post.' Christ! Who the fuck is John Elton?!?! 'He's an operator, an adviser, a dreamer, an investor. He likes to help entrepreneurs build successful companies.' Can he play the piano? 'I don't think so, boss.' Bloody hell! Why am I writing about John Elton? 'This is a finance blog.' / I thought there was something wrong. And I've never even heard of Greycroft Partners. 'No? Man, Greycroft Partners is a venture capital partnership, formed to invest in the world's most promising digital media companies. It serves the founders and investors who have chosen them as their partners, helping them (other them) build large, successful businesses.' Oh. How do you know all this shit? 'Someone's got to keep their eye on the ball. Ever since you got this idea in your head about being a rock and roll star, you've -' Shut up, Voice. / I can still cut it as a finance blogger. I'm just looking at John Elton's LinkedIn profile now. Ha! You won't believe how many companies he's worked for. 'Yes I will. Lenddo, -' Lame-o?! 'Lenddo, TagMan, Collective, Resonate Networks, TripleLift, Beyond the Rack, Chango, iNovia Capital, Vizu, Babble Media, Oggi Fin Ogi, -' What?! 'Standout Jobs, McGill University, Turnstone Capital, Gulf International Bank, 24/7 Real Media, Veronis Suh -' All right, Voice. That's enough. You're giving me a headache. / Jesus! Why can't this guy hold down a job for more than five minutes? ‘Maybe he's a free spirit, boss. Like you.' Yeah, maybe.


I might go to Cornwall next week. Not sure yet. Depends on the weather. So, if there's no posting, dear reader(s), you'll know why.