Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Carl Vine has his own hedge fund, Port Meadow

You've got to take your hat off to Carl Vine. The man has rebuilt his life since leaving the London office of SAC Capital Advisors. He's in Oxford now with Port Meadow, which is (or will launch) an Asia-focused equity long/short hedge fund. I don't know how they work these things. It's not my area. Dymon Asia Capital is involved, too. / The only question - in my mind - is, why does Carl want to focus on Asia in Oxford? Shouldn't he be somewhere in Asia if he wants to do that? 'Mikey, cut him some slack, man. He used to be in Hong Kong with SAC before moving to London. Carl probably knows what he's doing.' All right, Voice. I suppose "probably" is good enough these days. What a world we're living in, eh, dear reader(s)?!


At this moment? Oh, I'm listening to the Pink Floyd song Wish You Were Here on repeat, a-ROUND and a-ROUND, yeah? / The thing is, I spent four hours yesterday trying to record You're Lying and just couldn't get it right. Then in the evening I listened to the Pink Floyd song a few times, and then - without recording - managed to play my own song properly with some feeling. Pink Floyd put me in the right mood, you dig? / So, I might try again later.


I'm pissed off with the weather people, man. It was lovely yesterday morning, and I was thinking about going to Eastbourne for a day and night - you know, the way I went to Poole in December. Well, the weather report said there would be heavy rain later on in the day (and night). I thought: "Oh no, I don't want to get trapped down there in a massive storm." Anyway, guess what. No storm, no heavy rain, no bloody rain at all.

Actually, it's starting to rain a bit now. But I'd be coming back to day, wouldn't I?


Have you heard the latest? The Conservative party is rebranding itself as the Workers' party. 'Ha!' That will certainly bring the votes in! NOT! / Yeah, all the people on minimum wage, all the Workfare slaves, they'll absolutely love it.

Seriously though, no normal person is going to vote (again) for a bunch of corrupt Old Etonian aristocrats unless he or she is a complete fucking mug. / When's the election, man?