Friday, 14 February 2014

Ines de Dinechin has left Lyxor Asset Management

I'm listening to The Stone Roses by ... The Stone Roses. When I first bought the album on vinyl, it had only sold sixty thousand copies, so I guess that makes me a cool cat, yeah? 'Yeah.' / But enough of that. Let's concentrate on business. Ines de Dinechin has left Lyxor Asset Management. 'Who is this Ines?' Well, Ines was the chief executive and the chairman of Lyxor, and she's a woman. 'What is this Lyxor?' Lyxor is an asset thing, and it's a firm. So ... there's no mystery no more, eh? Everything is clear now. Though I'll be creating some mystery later by taking Ines for a spin in my new No. 194. 'How much did that set you back, Mikey?' Nothing, Voice.

Oh, Lionel Paquin is taking over as chief. Good luck to him! There are no problems at Lyxor with respect to the company's atmosphere or business activity, so Lionel should have an easy time of things.

Well, well ... / Er ... Forget business activity! Atmosphere is the stuff you need. If I had my own firm, I would play Brian Eno's Apollo all day long to soothe my staff and get them all spaced out. 'That's night music, man.' We would only work at night. 'What about the markets?' Fuck the markets, son! Sometimes you have to do things your own way. You have to be a maverick.

Maybe Lyxor will give me a call. Maybe Lionel won't cut the mustard. Not that I'm into ETFs. I think they're the devil's work.

I'm listening to Second Coming now. Not as good, obviously. Squire's lyrics are a bit dodgy.

My music? I'm growing in confidence, man. I've got two classic pop songs written and recorded. You're Lying will be done soon. My Heart is in reserve, with my best lyric. I've got another great tune with no lyrics. My guitar playing is improving. My singing is good enough ... these days. / This is nothing like the early days, late Eighties, early Nineties, when I first tried to make it. My age? Age don't mean shit if you've got your shit together, man. 'Didn't Plato say that?' No. 'Wittgenstein?' No, Voice, it was Nietzsche. 'Oh.' Idiot!