Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Nicholas Aldridge, and Martin Stapleton, and Rahil Kuchiera, and Alexi Papaconstantinou, and ...

And, er ... Israa Al Bayaa, and Bramen Singanayagam, and Atallah Estephan ... and, er ... Arjun Menon, and Louis Villa!!! / Ha! Arjun Menon? Queenie won't be happy. But Louis Villa?! Oh my God! Has he changed firms again?! 'He had no choice this time, boss.' Whatever, Voice. I mean, whatever.

I can't understand. I refuse - 'Blame Stevie Cohen, man.' Yeah. / All these characters have moved from SAC Capital Advisors' London office to Moore Capital. Nothing wrong with it, I suppose. It's just that I thought Arjun Menon was in Hong Kong with Queenie and that dog in the filing cabinet.

Louis, Louis. What a tragedy, eh? So much promise ... / It's Louis Villa I'm concerned about, the poor lad. He still hasn't found himself. How old is he now? When is he going to man up and follow his dream? You only get one life, and you've got to live it your own way. / Moore Capital? Christ. The truth is, Louis isn't remotely interested in finance. He hates finance. He's not even interested in money. All he wants to do is dance, dance, dance.

I'll tell you one thing, Voice. 'What?' I'm not going to end up like Louis, Louis. 'Is there an echo in here?' I was too depressed to record Gilly, Gilly yesterday, but I'm going to record it today. 'The sun is shining, Mikey!' Of course it is.

I'm trying to stay positive. / I was listening to The Best of  ... collection yesterday of some star and his band from the Seventies. My demo alone will be stronger than their greatest hits. 'Wonderful!' Yeah, man. / Thoughts like that keep me motivated and get me through the bad times, you know? I need to control my moods. I need to be realistic and self-aware when I'm down and when I'm up. 'Easier said than done.' Oh, I'm getting better at it, son. Louis - 'Louis?' - Yes, Louis. Louis could learn a lot from me.