Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Who is Allan Bedwick?

Oh, I should have stayed in bed. Yeah ... well. / There's this Allan Bedwick, see. Er ... he used to be a hedgie. He got sick of it. Completely understandable, eh? / But now he's coming back with a new hedge fund in Hong Kong. Christ. And he's dragging some mate of his along, Leland Lim (an ex-Goldman shaman). Into the mess. Ha! Oh God. / The chaos. The grief of trying to make money in this world. When you don't actually need it. What the fuck?! You could be on a tropical island. With palm trees. A sandy beach. Why torture yourself?

And I woke up at five this morning, thinking: It's because we have bodies. Our bodies are the problem. If we were pure spirit, everything would be better. / This ain't for Leland Lim. He should know this. I doubt Allan Bedwick has a clue though.

We have to work. We have to make money. Food and shelter and all that shit. But how much is enough?

Spirits don't care. Spirits are free, you dig? They're free to wander the cosmos with gay abandon.

Nothing to do with hedgies, this. People in general, everywhere. / Once you've got a spirit in a body, it's another game, my friend(s). They start getting ideas, you know? Physical life, material life ... it just tricks them. They look around and start making ludicrous plans. And they believe the most bizarre things ... "We must preserve this." / "We must honour that." / "Those men [evil twats] should be remembered." / God, meanwhile, is laughing His arse off. He can't believe the comedy of it all. It's the best show in town.

Unless you're a great soul, fully awake, you only get wise after you've died. Sad, but true.

To make any progress at all ... / You've got to stop thinking about who you are and where you are. YOU ARE NO ONE. Oh yes. YOU ARE NOWHERE. Please try to understand.

Your political views, your personal philosophy ... Oh, are you taking the piss?! How small does your world need to be before you finally do away with all of the nonsense?

Set yourself free, in your body, on this earth, right now. Walk around, smile at strangers, burn your money. Get naked.

I don't know what the situation is with you. / Just remember: You can wake up - if you want to. It's your choice.