Thursday, 27 February 2014

Who on earth is Kirill Pyshkin?!

Well, well ... well. / Who would have thought it, eh? There is such a man! His name is Kirill Pyshkin. But I won't let it get me down. / Kirill used to "work" at Aviva Investors. 'Ha!' That should set alarms bells ringing. I mean, who has ever worked at Aviva Investors?

Kirill has. Five years. You don't believe me? See if you can dig this: I was a senior fund manager at Aviva Investors - for my sins - in charge of global equity income strategy, including the flagship retail equity fund for Aviva Ireland - Global High Yield Equity. I also managed a number of other specialist equity funds including SRI, thematic global equity, global technology, global brands, concentrated 20 stock portfolio, Asia and Japan funds. I was personally responsible for AUM in excess of £1 billion. Yeah, me! I did the work, man. / Thank you, Kirill. I believe you. Well, I want to believe ...

There is a happy ending though, dear reader(s). Kirill is now a senior fund manager at Mirabaud Asset Management. It's a bit of a shock to the system, Mikey, because they want me to launch a new global equity income fund. / Oh yeah. Real work. No more walks in the park. No more ice creams. No more Lego. 'That's Cantab!' Oh, Cantab, yeah, sorry.

Never heard of Mirabaud before, but being a "pure player" without any proprietary activities, their mission is exclusively geared towards providing their investors with the best and most suitable investment solutions. / Great! A pure player! That's what I like to see.


After lunch, I'll be taking a deeper look ... into the night. I'll get Kirill a-ROUND with this Mirabaud firm. There'll be mystery, too - if I can manage it.

I'll be doing it my way, of course. No horrible facts to bring us down, yeah? Just a-ROUND and out of it!