Monday, 17 February 2014

Jean-Francois Boulier wants more work!

Oh, I'll find him something to do. Boulier has just taken over Shahid Ikram's job. Ikram was the chief investment officer at Aviva Investors, but Boulier looked at him with jealousy in his eyes (and his heart) and so took over the position. 'Mikey, hasn't this Boulier got enough on his plate?' Well, Voice, he's the chief executive for Aviva Investors in Europe, the chief executive for Aviva Investors in France, a member of some bullshit executive committee, and he writes for the French papers too. 'Bloody hell! And he wants more work?!' He's a raving lunatic, son. One of these workaholics we've heard so much about. But I'll find him something to do. He can start with the dusting. 'What?' Man, with this blog and all the music I'm into now, I haven't got time for household chores. The place is a right mess. I'll get Jean-Francois to help me out. I'll call him Jean. Yeah, Jean won't mind. 'I think he will, boss.' Why? 'He won't want to be your skivvy, man.' He'll do what I fucking well tell him. I'll be honest with you, I'm not impressed by these Aviva characters. They still haven't paid me that two million. And they hardly do any work, anyway, you know. I mean, look at Jean. How hard can it be, really, to be the chief executive of this and the chief executive of that when we all know it's Schroders that actually manages the funds, yeah? 'Yeah, I see your point.' They're a bunch of wasters. I'll put them all to work.


Monday morning, Monday morning. I don't like Mondays. Horrible days, they are.

I want my lunch, already. Bored, bored, bored. / I might play the guitar for the rest of the day. I wonder if Jean is musical. He might be good on bass or something. You never know. Some of these finance types have hidden depths. 'Do they?!' Well ...

Sort of update, yeah. / I've played a bit of guitar. Not in the mood for much more. But listen to this: John Squire playing Love Spreads in isolation from the rest of the track. Pretty awesome!