Thursday, 6 February 2014

Elena Shaftan is giving her funds to Kathy and Colin

Yes, Kathryn Langridge and Colin Croft, at Jupiter. (Oh, I can call her "Kathy" because we're quite close now. She calls me "Mikey" - as you would expect.) / I think it's for the best. Elena Shaftan has had enough of the fund management game. In her youth, she was a space cadet in Russia. Maybe she'll go back to that. It's certainly more interesting than sitting in an office managing funds.

We're talking about the Jupiter Emerging European Opportunities fund and the Jupiter New Europe fund. I don't know why they bother with the latter because it only has £18 million in it. / I'll take Kathy and Colin for a spin after lunch. Yes, yet another conceptual post, No. 192. There's no harm in it. I've got nothing else to do, man. And it's probably going to rain later. / Actually, I might leave Colin out of the post. Three's a crowd and all that.


Well, well ... er. / I had a dream about my angel last night. Which was nice. I can't remember all the details. She seemed happy though. Maybe she likes my new song. 'How would she have heard it, Mikey?' On the astral plane, Voice. 'But you've banned all that.' Yeah, dreams though ... I can't control dreams.

I’ll have to look into it. Controlling the dreams of others, I mean. 'You mean your dreams.' No, their dreams. / Carlos Castaneda might help me. 'Do you want me to speak to him for you, boss?' No, I'll do it, man. I need to speak to him about a few things. 'Like what?' Well, is it wise to abandon financial shamanism for rock and roll shamanism? 'I don't see a problem. You're going up in the world, son. Finance is dead. With music you can really get out of it.' Yeah, I suppose you're right. Like Morrison in Miami: "You're all a bunch of fucking slaves!!!" Brilliant! Then leading the audience a-ROUND, chanting, and dancing. That's what I want for myself!