Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I'm not in the mood for Edward Perkin leaving Goldman to join Eaton Vance

Yes, just like Pepijn Heins before him, Edward Perkin has left Goldman Sachs Asset Management to join Eaton Vance. However, I'm not in the mood for writing about it. Some, well ... slags, basically, have been dumping rubbish outside my house. Why are there so many degenerates around these days? This never used to happen. But now you can't walk along the pavement without having to dodge a sofa or some cupboards or a pissed-stained mattress.

Anyway, what's the attraction of Eaton Vance? First, the little lamb, Pepijn. Now Eddie Perkin wants a slice of the action. Well ... At Eaton Vance, we value independent thinking. We encourage our affiliated investment teams to share their perspectives. Because we believe that when investors hear a range of strongly argued perspectives, they sharpen their own independent views and then get ready for the blood and fire. / 'Great, Mikey!' Big deal. I'm not impressed, Voice. I've heard it all before.

This Perkin is chief equity investment officer or something. (Or he will be in April.) Oh, I hope he's happy. / Maybe he lives in a nice area where there are no scumbags. 'There are scumbags everywhere, boss.' Not in Malibu, surely? Man, I've just got to get my demo finished and then fuck off to Malibu. London is an open sewer. I can't take it no more!

He'll have to report to Faust. 'Who will?!' Eddie. 'Christ!' Yeah. In hell. Rather him than me. / There's always a downside to every new job. The grass is never greener. I suppose the money will be all right. But what will happen to Eddie's soul?

And I didn't even want to write about this! It's a disease, finance. / Oh, I feel dirty ... all over. I mean, Jean hasn't done the dusting yet. There's shit outside the house. And I've got finance in my head. What a life, eh? What a life!