Monday, 4 August 2014

HSBC is blaming lack of profits on regulatory nonsense or something

I don't know. It's August. And what do I care, anyway? And HSBC is a bank. I don't write much about banks these days because they bore me to tears. It's all the regulation, I suppose. Which is exactly what HSBC is complaining about.

Well, well, well ... what did they expect? What does anyone expect - now? I mean, if you're behaving yourself, there's no need for any regulation at all. But these people are naughty. Always have been.

By the way, pre-tax profits are still £7.3 billion for half a year. 'Ha!' Yeah. Nice work if you can get it. I wouldn't mind making a fraction of that on this blog. These people don't know they're born, that's the trouble. 'They've been spoilt, boss. They should try living a day of your life.' Yes, they should, Voice! They wouldn't last five minutes! They don't know suffering ...

I'm still in a foul mood from this morning, dear reader(s). That cheese sandwich did nothing for me, you know. I normally enjoy my cheese sandwiches.

I gotta get away! / There are so many horrible things you can avoid out of this world ... Just think! Idiots, wars, apricots, politicians, jeans with faded areas, voters, bills, supermarkets with no pineapple chunks, EastEnders, the personal philosophies of pompous pricks, bad teeth, rats, cold custard, middle-brow slags who think they're intellectuals, strangers, tassel loafers, neighbours, awkward questions, TV adverts, bits of fluff and dust, the phrase "market professionals", flies, conservatives, bin bags in the street, liars, spiders, mattresses in the street, opinions, celebrities, unemployment, the banging of car doors, employment, rent, pork pie hats made out of black leather, phone calls, degenerates, hairdryers that switch off for no reason, bullshit du jour, people ringing the doorbell, cheap T-shirts, ginger beer, traditional values, the shops that sell cheap T-shirts, poverty, skiing, Workfare, unfriendly barmaids, chav kids wrapping trees in plastic, broken windows, phoneys, hot weather, vicious dogs, trifle, the owners of vicious dogs, clocks with loud ticks, cold weather ... so many horrible things!

God is testing me. Either that or it's a practical joke. I wish He would let me have a day off. I deserve a day off!