Thursday, 21 August 2014

Who is this guy, Guy Shahar?

It's very disappointing. Very disappointing. I can't find a website for his hedge fund, DSAM Partners. And I can't find a LinkedIn profile for Guy Shahar neither. 'Christ!' Who does this Mr Shahar think he is, an international man of mystery?! 'It's not good enough, boss. What are you going to do about it?' Well ... not a lot. After lunch, I'll try a conceptual, No. 244. 'Will that help?' No, probably not. 'Oh.' In the meantime though, I can tell my readers that Guy Shahar used to be a trader at Goldman Sachs. 'Great!' A "top" trader, by all accounts. 'It gets better!' He's into European long/short equity shit. 'Oh dear.' What's wrong with that, man? 'Nothing.' He's making a lot of money, Voice. Profit is five times what it used to be. 'What did it used to be, Mikey?' I don't know. But I doubt Guy is walking around with holes in his shoes, you dig?

Anyway, after lunch, I'll be taking a closer look at Mr Shahar. See if I can strip away some of the mystery. Or maybe add to it.


Music? Well, I was listening to The Best of Van Morrison. I'm not sure what to put on next. 'How about John Lennon's John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band?' Yeah! I'll put that on. Well done, Voice.

Lennon plays all the guitar on this album. Mainly rhythm. Some finger-picking. A bit of simple lead.

He plays some simple piano as well. Although Phil Spector plays piano on Love, and Billy Preston plays it on God. (I wonder if Phil played on a couple of the other tracks, too ...)

Ringo is on drums!


Pub tomorrow. I didn't bump into Oliver Cromwell's ghost last week. Maybe I'll have more luck this week.

Lunch? Oh, cheese sandwich. Yeah. What do you want from me, dear reader(s)? I like cheese, and I like bread. So sue me!