Monday, 4 August 2014

David Buik wants to know why Labour won't have lunch with City characters like him

Oh dear! Why won't Labour have lunch? Let me think for a minute. Oh, maybe it's because of stories like this, you know? Yeah, maybe stuff like this/that is more fucking important right now. Not that I'm expecting Labour to change much in our society when they get in next year. They might change something. But I'm not expecting anything. It's every man for himself. And every woman, too. The country is finished. The world is finished. Only the spaceship of Malibu remains. 'What are you going on about, boss? Have you been drinking again?' Again, Voice?! I haven't had a drink since Friday, and even then only two pints of Stella. I'm hardly a drunkard.

I'm just angry this morning ... Monday! / These City people (bankers and journalists and hangers-on) with their fucking lunches in fancy restaurants are starting to get on my nerves. I'm having a cheese sandwich today! That's all I'm having. 'And the crisps.' Yes, a packet of crisps. 'And a yoghurt, Mikey.' Well, of course I'm having a yoghurt, Voice. 'And a Coke.' Well, no. No! I'm not having a Coke, and I'm not having crisps neither. It's time to get healthy, man!

It's time to change everything! I can't go on like this. / We can't go on like this, reader(s). I'm thinking I'm in the wrong game. Have you ever looked at the financial news, dear, dear reader(s), and thought to yourself: This is a load of wank, and the people writing it are just as bad as the people they're writing about - ? 'Wow! You are angry this morning, boss.' Tell me about it!

I just wanna play my guitar. I want to forget about everything and play my guitar, you dig?

Summer's almost gone, as Jim Morrison once sang. It's time to get serious. Where will we be?

Capitalists are as thick as shit. You can't have no capitalism if the poor don't have no fucking money. Why did Henry Ford pay his workers so well? Because he wanted them to buy his fucking cars!!! [That was bullshit, it seems. But you know what I'm getting at ...]

Wake up, slags!