Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The FCA is restricting the sale of Coco Pops

Absolutely incredible! These lunatics are out of control. Why can't they stick to finance? They have no business interfering with our cereal.

This is from the FCA's website: Coco Pops are highly complex* and the FCA believes they are unlikely to be appropriate for the mass retail market, so has stepped in to temporarily restrict their distribution to supermarkets, corner shops, and cash and carry stores ahead of consulting on permanent rules later this year.

*They are a cocoa-flavoured version of Rice Krispies, and they contain a substance imitating milk chocolate, which has been known to make the milk turn "chocolatey".

'Are you getting them confused with the FSA, boss?' What?! The Financial Services Authority?! Wake up, son. That dead shark is truly dead. 'No, the Food Standards Agency.' Oh, that FSA, Voice. No, they don't have a problem with Coco Pops, man. Why would they? It's just that Coco Pops are bankers' favourite cereal. 'Yeah?' Oh yeah. Big time. It was in a survey. So, the FCA freaks think, We can't have bankers enjoying their favourite cereal, so let's restrict their sale. 'Jesus! What bastards!' I know. Totally out of control.

The problem is, everyone suffers, yeah? I don't eat Coco Pops (or any cereal) myself, but I know a lot of kids like them. What are they going to do now? 'The kids? Just eat Rice Krispies, I suppose. Without the chocolatey stuff.' And the bankers, Voice? Do you expect them to eat Rice Krispies without the chocolatey stuff, too? 'Well ...' I'm telling you, man, the world is going to hell in a handcart!