Thursday, 7 August 2014

Peter Borish is working at Quad Advisors now

I thought he was working with my old mate Paul at Touradji Capital Management, as chief executive. I can't keep up! It seems Pete is recruiting new hedge funds for Quad Advisors and doing a bit of life coaching on the side or something, like Tony Robbins. 'Ha!' I just ... / And Quad Advisors is a "hedge fund incubator", for the love of Christ. I mean ... It's amazing what these firms call themselves, ain't it? / Oh, it's an insane world.


Anything else? / Yeah, a short post today, reader(s), that's all. I've got different fish to fry. But I'll be back tomorrow with my regular nonsense. (Well, it's not actually my nonsense. It belongs to the financial media. I merely twist it a bit until it starts to make ... a little sense, you dig? / But not too much sense. I am a genius, but perhaps not a godlike genius. 'I thought ... - ?!' Well, yeah, I'm definitely a godlike genius, Voice. However, there's no godlike genius in the whole of history [that I'm aware of] who would have been able to do more with the material that the media gives me. Slags that they are, yeah? 'You do the best you can, boss.') For my sins.

Music? I ain't listening to no music, son. I'm sitting in front of my laptop in TOTAL SILENCE. That's the way I like it sometimes. I'm eccentric. So what?

Well, anyway, laters ...