Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Melvin Capital and Folger Hill Asset Management!

Congratulations to Gabriel Plotkin and Solomon Kumin! These ex-SAC (SAC or whatever it's called this week) characters have finally got their shit together and found names for their new firms. Gabriel has named his firm Melvin Capital after his late grandfather, Capital Plotkin. No, that's not right. Er ... Melvin Plotkin. Yeah. What a lovely guy! And Solomon has named his firm Folger Hill Asset Management after ... some hill, I suppose. Ha! Obviously not a sentimental man, after all, this Solomon. I had him wrong.

Of course, neither of these firms will open until next year. Christ. Why the delay?! Well, I guess Gabriel and Solomon are pretty lazy, yeah? I mean, they don't have Stevie shouting at them no more. (Or staring at them coldly from his office.) They're the bosses now, the big men. So they can do what they want, which isn't very much. / But I can talk! I still haven't finished recording the demo of my songs.

It's like wading through treacle, when you have a dream. The treacle in your mind, you dig? There aren't many people who can go after what they want with a clear head. I don't know how Aristotle Onassis did it. Or Julius Caesar. Or Noel Edmonds. / Focus! It's all about focus, surely. You've got to forget about the muck of life ... the bills, the pub, the phone, the TV, the dirty laundry, the noises in the street. / Shut it all out! Tell the world to do one, soft lad!

Anyway, I wish Gabriel and Solomon all the best. / You'll get there, guys! You've just gotta keep believing.


I didn't go out yesterday (probably will today.) However, I played my guitar for three hours, man. / Blues scale in A? Well, starting from the fifth fret I know all the notes over the first twelve frets now. (I can't go any further with my acoustic.) And I've come up with a really cool riff, too. Worthy of Eric Clapton!

I'm listening to Prince at the moment though. He's wittering on about some bloody tambourine on his Around the World in a Day album. As long as he's happy ...

Pop Life - !