Thursday, 31 July 2014

David Aird at Investec doesn't like rock stars!

Christ! What's the matter with him?! He doesn't like John Lennon, or David Bowie, or Mick Jagger, or - 'Neil Woodford, boss?' What, Voice?! 'David Aird was talking about star fund managers, man.' How do you know? 'I know because I read these fucking articles properly, yeah? You just glance at them.' Well ... 'Mr Aird has been telling anyone who will listen that star managers are nothing. Nothing! It's teams that matter.' Oh, I see. Our Dave is one of these There's no "I" in team guys. 'Yeah.' Well, you know what the late great Felix Dennis said, don't you? 'No. What?' He said teamwork is the glue that binds the losers together. 'Oh, lovely attitude, that is.'

Felix knew a thing or two ... / And I thought David Aird was all right. I mean, he used to worship the ground I walked on. 'Really, Mikey?' See if you can dig this, Voice, from 2008 - I read your blog, Michael. I know you're the man, the beautiful one, the Master, the mystic lord, the money king. / 2008, eh? It was a golden year, dear reader(s).

Ah! Now, a team of rock stars, that's a different matter, surely? 'Uh.' Completely different. I mean, is David Aird saying that The Beatles were a bunch of twats? 'Eh?' Oh, I hope not! I hope he's not saying that. 'I doubt he is saying it, Mikey. / He might be saying that Japan were a bunch of twats.' Yeah, well, they were ...

One more thing: David wants to get back in touch. (LinkedIn.) No! I'm not having it. I'm a rock star, after all. The beautiful one. The Master. The mystic lord. The money king. Clearly a rock star. / What has happened to David? He seems bitter.