Thursday, 3 July 2014

What's going on with Anthony Noto?

Unbelievable! These people ... / Anthony Noto was supposed to be starting work at Coatue Management this week. They had his office all ready and everything. Jason at Coatue told me: "I picked out some lovely curtains for Tony, which matched the carpet perfectly. I've put a lot of love and time into this. Now he's broken my heart." You see, dear reader(s), the human side of characters in finance being let down by people who have no sense of right and wrong. Anthony Noto has run away to join Twitter! As chief financial officer! (His LinkedIn profile says he's still at Goldman, by the way.) Ha! Well, I hope he's happy. And I really hope he can put Jason out of his mind. I mean, Jason is just one of the little people, isn't he?

I'm really fucking angry about this! Seriously. I'm spitting blood. / The thoughtlessness, the heartlessness ... 'What are you going to do, boss? A curse?' Oh, in the old days, maybe. No, a conceptual. 'A really wild one, yeah?' Of course, Voice. What do you think? I'm gonna get medieval on Tony's ass. Do a real number on him, you know? 'No. 230?' Obviously, man. What else would it be?


I'm a crawlin' king snake, baby, and I rules my den ... Oh, don't worry about it, reader(s)! I'm just listening to John Lee Hooker, that's all. I love the way he plays that electric guitar while tapping his foot on the wooden board. Totally cool! / I'll probably be getting a new guitar soon. I should be getting a better acoustic, the Yamaha FG730S, but ... I'm tempted by an electric, the Fender Squier Telecaster. (It's a cheap guitar. It might do until I'm playing like Clapton, then I can upgrade to a non-Squier Stratocaster.)  I've got to record Gilly, Gilly again. It will sound COOL(!) with an electric, like a classic garage band song.

[The Yamaha is really nice though. It doesn't have any bad reviews. The Tele does. I don't know. You can't rock with an acoustic ... / When I hit the big time I can see me spending a fortune on guitars ...]

Lunch! I'm starving, man ...