Thursday, 17 July 2014

I missed the Delivering Alpha conference!

Damn! / It was in New York though. A bit difficult for me to get to. It sounds like everyone had a really wild time. Carl Icahn and William Ackman were hugging and kissing. 'What?!' Yeah. They had a bust-up some time ago. Now they're friends again. 'Friends, boss?' Yeah, friends, Voice. It's all above board.

Apparently, all kinds of finance superstars were at this conference. Except me, of course. Do they have it every year? It's run by CNBC. Maybe I'll go next year - if they pay my airfare. 'Are they likely to do that, Mikey?' Well, I am the world's foremost financial shaman. 'Yeah. Why didn't they fly you over this time?' I don't know, man. What's with all the questions?

The fact is, they know I'm busy with my music right now. I doubt they wanted to bother me. 'Yeah, that's it, boss. They know how much trouble you're having recording those songs of yours. They know you can't play the guitar, so -' Will you shut up?! I can play the guitar, for your information, Voice. I'm just perfecting my technique ...

Anyway, I reckon I will get a Telecaster. My finances are a bit dodgy at the moment, but I should be able to manage it. I'll get the cheapest Squier one. But it looks nice. Cream and white. / Twenty-five years ago, I had a Fender Squier Stratocaster. That was white as well. I wish I had bothered to learn lead guitar in those days. Regrets? I have a few ... However, I'm not Sinatra.