Monday, 28 July 2014

Luqman Arnold has got a really cool website, man!

Do you remember Luqman Arnold at all? I do. I even wrote about him a few times. Do you remember this, dear reader(s)? -

"I want to know where my fucking shares are. Sure, I'm all broken up about Lehman Brothers, but if those motherfuckers have lost my money I'll swing for them."

That was Luqman Arnold speaking to me back, oh, way back, in 2008. Such a long time ago, eh? He was having some trouble with his Olivant. 'Elephant?!' No, Voice, Olivant. Ivory, yeah. I don't know. Roland had a horn. 'Eh?' Fuck it! It was an investment company of his. But he's packing it in, anyway. He has a new firm now, Cartesius Advisory Network. 'Oh.' Yeah. Luqman has set it up with a Legionnaire. 'Really? Did they meet in the local British Legion then? Were they playing darts?' Don't be an idiot, Voice. French. 'Oh, okay.'

Yeah, here you are, some blood pudding, some blood pudding, some blood pudding, er, for the Alsatians, Swiss, and Lorrainers. For the Belgians, there's none left. They're lazy shirkers. Oh, we're always at ease, we're rough and tough, no ordinary guys. We've often got our black moods, for we are Legionnaires. Our ancestors died for the Legion's glory. We will soon all perish according to tradition. By our sorrows we forget Death, who so little forgets us, for we are the Legion!

'What's that?!' Don't worry about it, man. / Let's focus on Luqman. 'His new firm?' His website! Screw the firm! You won't believe how many interests this guy has. Architecture, art and design, authors and books, cars and planes, inspiring quotes, and, er, movies and TV shows, and music, sports, technology - 'Basically, everything that exists in the world, boss.' Yeah. And it's all on his website.  And see if you can dig this. Luqman has values and beliefs -

"I have learnt that loyalty should be to one's own values and beliefs. One naturally feels loyalty to individuals with whom one works. However, when working in a company, one owes a duty and loyalty to the company. I have observed that for some leaders, their position defines their sense of self-worth and they genuinely believe that they are the institution and that loyalty is therefore due to them - a loyalty that is often confused with an expectation of obedience. Tossers! I have never expected nor offered this type of loyalty to an individual in his or her individual corporate position. Nor have I expected rewards or promotion beyond my own ability and contribution. I am just a man. Naked on this earth. Judge me if you dare."

'Wow! Is that a quote from the website?' No, he phoned me late last night. He said to me, "Mikey, have you seen my really cool website, man? I want you to write about it on your blog." Then he started to go off on one about his values and beliefs. Crazy guy! 'Was he naked at the time?' I don't know, Voice. It was late ...