Thursday, 10 July 2014

Herman Laret is working at Titan Advisors

Yeah, Herman is at Titan, believe it or not. And this guy is really on the ball because he's only been at the firm two months and he has already updated his LinkedIn profile. Impressive, eh?


Titan? Well ... Titan Advisors is an experienced asset management and advisory firm focused exclusively on hedge funds. Its fund funds of hedge fund funds consist of diversified portfolios of nimble, manic, opportunistic managers who share its goal of generating attractive returns independent of the major indices. / Sounds all right, don't it? Herman must be happy.

Herman? He's an Old Seafordian, so ... 'A what, boss?!' An Old Seafordian, Voice. 'Right. Not exactly Old Etonian, is it?' Don't be like that, man. (Sorry, Herman, if you're reading.) / Yeah, anyway, this Herman Laret character used to be a managing director at Credit Suisse. Now, he's, er ... a senior research analyst at Titan, which is okay, I suppose. 'Ha!' Unfortunately, he's mixed up in a load of global macro nonsense, but ... he's lucky to have a job at all, so ... 'Yeah, being an Old Seafordian.' I've told you, idiot! Leave it!


You know what, dear readers(s)? I think Herman is a pretty decent sort. I don't care that his parents couldn't afford to send him to Eton. Only David Cameron cares about stuff like that. (Voice is merely having a laugh.) However, there is one thing that bothers me. (Quite a minor thing. I won't lose any sleep.) Herman wants to get back in touch. 'Oh dear.' But I've never been in touch with him! I've never met him or anything. All I know about him is what I've read online.

Maybe it's just a LinkedIn thing, I don't know ... yeah. / Herman's got a nice smile, so ... I'm not expecting any trouble. I'm sure he's a pretty decent sort. Forget I mentioned it, reader(s).