Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Everything stays the same, forever, at BlackGold Capital Management

Well, thank God for that! I hate change. It's nice to see a hedge fund finally come out and say: Everything stays the same, forever. We're frozen. You're frozen. The world is frozen. It's business as usual. We piss on change. Dizzy souls a-ROUND approaching the THREE but never ever getting past it? That's us! And it's you!

BlackGold Capital Management? Well, well ... er, BlackGold is a "private" manager of credit instruments and was founded in 2006 by Erik Dybesland and Adam Flikerski. Yeah, believe. These guys first joined together in the late 1990s to research bank loans, high yield bonds, stressed/distressed debt, convertible debt, preferred equity, and common equity within the energy industry. (They didn't have anything better to do.) BlackGold is dedicated to achieving consistent volatility-adjusted performance, coupled with low correlation to commodity prices and the broader markets. Not bad, eh?

Oh, and it's in America, in Houston, in Texas.


And I'm all inspired now! / After lunch, I'll be getting a-ROUND, No. 233, my head bursting with new ideas about how nothing ever changes. 'Except the new ideas, boss.' Shut up, idiot! I'm sure they'll be old ideas.


Music? Yeah, man, I've got to get a Telecaster. I think I have a natural talent for lead guitar. I'm making a lot of progress on my acoustic, but electric guitars are easier to play - and more frets are available to your fingers. / I've found a cool but cheap amplifier for it as well. The Behringer GM108. I've checked it out on YouTube. It sounds great! And it has some built-in effects, so I won't need pedals.


Lunch? Well ... a "luxury" egg sandwich. (And crisps, yoghurt, Pepsi.) / I should be more careful with my money. I just couldn't resist this morning when I saw the beautiful sandwich in Tesco. However, we all need a bit of luxury every now and then, don't we?