Thursday, 24 July 2014

Scott Braunstein is joining Point72 Asset Management as a money manager

Well, rather him that me. I couldn't work for Stevie. I mean, I can imagine what he's like. Shouting at people. Or staring at them coldly from his office. Who needs it?

And Stevie is probably paranoid now, suspecting everyone. No, it can't be much of a life, working at Point72. Or EverPoint Asset Management. (The firm has loads of names. Why?)

Why doesn't Scott stay at JPMorgan? Is Stevie offering more money? Money, money, money ... / How much is enough?

This Scott Braunstein character should take a look at my life. 'Jesus!' Yeah. All I want is a Fender Telecaster. And not even one of the best ones, but merely a Squier one. 'Boss, this Scott Braunstein geezer doesn't know he's born.' Tell me about it, Voice.

It'll all be different one day. When I'm living in Malibu, just like Jackie Treehorn, Scott will say to himself: Why don't I have a big house in Malibu? Mikey isn't a better man than me!

And you know what, dear reader(s)? I won't care! Life isn't fair. / And no one is forcing Scott to work in finance. He could get a Telecaster. He could write songs. Who's stopping him?! No one. Scott is the master of his own destiny.


Thank God the weekend is nearly here. / Yeah! Pub tomorrow. Down by the river. In the sunshine. A couple of pints of Kronenbourg. Oh, the fish will be jumpin'. The livin' will be easy. And the cotton will be high. 'Eh?' Never mind, man. Go back to sleep, Voice. / Hush, little baby ...