Monday, 24 August 2015

Black Monday

China's in trouble!!! The latest I've heard is that the market has plunged 8.5 per cent. 'It's probably worse now, boss.' Maybe. / Oh, China's in big trouble. And that means ... we're all in trouble, son, daughter,  BECAUSE(!) ... characters like George Osborne were relying on China to save our skins. 'Big time.' I mean, that has been their whole economic plan: "Pray that China keeps turning out the cheap crap." 'Ha!' Christ! It's pure genius! 'Mikey, your Yamaha guitar was made in China.' I know it was, man. And it's not a cheap guitar either, but it's better value than your average one. Er ... / I don't want to talk about guitars! Not today! It's Black Monday. Have you seen the sky, dear reader(s)? Not black, exactly. However, it's very dark. 'Grey, boss.' Yes, a horrible grey day.

Other news? Iain Duncan Smith will be announcing more "changes" to disability benefits today. Thursday will be interesting though because the government is being forced to release the figures of how many disabled people (and the sick) have died after having their benefits cut. / So ... if you're a banker, or a hedgie, I suppose you voted Tory. But what did you think Labour were going to do? Take away all your money? 'Ha!' Well, they might have taken a bit. 'A little bit.' It might have meant you(r) having one less Caribbean holiday this year. But, PLEASE(!) ... think of the disabled people. They've never done ANYTHING(!!!) ... to damage the economy. NOT ONE THING(!). Why should they be punished? 'Wait until Thursday, Mikey. We don't know the full situation yet.' Okay, I'll wait until Thursday. I'll keep my powder dry ...

Oh, don't get me wrong. I love you guys. I really do. But it might be an idea if you gave some thought to other people occasionally, yeah? I'm not saying you have to be like Jesus, for Christ's sake! 'No!' There's no need to go that far.


Anything else? I want to talk about guitars! / Well ... if I concentrate on music, Black Monday may fade away. Where's the sun?!

I might try recording my songs again soon. (Today? Tomorrow? I don't know. 'Lazy git!' Tomorrow never knows, man. That's the first thing I learnt in the University of Rock. 'Eh?') It means putting new strings on - which isn't my favourite activity.

I've been playing You're Lying and My Heart more or less perfectly, lately, so ... / I can't wait to hear You're Lying. I was thinking the other day that I wouldn't trade it in for any other song. Not My Funny Valentine, Yesterday*, Something, Imagine, Bridge Over Troubled Water ... 'Bridge - ?!' No, I don't actually like that last one, Voice. It's a classic, dear reader(s), sure, but a bit over the top, you dig?

*Well, maybe Yesterday. Especially Sinatra's version.