Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Steven Slawson is innocent!

Oh, some good news for once. / Steven Slawson was/is the co-founder of Titan Capital Management in New York. ['In America, boss?' Yes, Voice, in America.] Steven has just been found innocent by a federal jury in Atlanta. ['In America, boss?' Yes, Voice, in America. This is all in America, until I say otherwise. Christ! You can't get the staff, reader(s). 'You can't get the disembodied voices, Mikey.' Whatever.] Er ... where was I? I've lost my train of thought now! 'Steven Slawson is innocent!' Yes, he's innocent. He was charged with insider trading. Something to do with Carter's. 'Who?' They make children's clothes. Apparently, a few other guys were getting confidential information ... but Slawson didn't know anything about it. Well, it couldn't be proved, I suppose. I don't know. He still faces a civil lawsuit from the SEC, so ... 'Watch this space!' Er ... I doubt I'll be writing about Mr Slawson again, man. 'Why not?' BECAUSE(!) ... I have a nice cheese and onion sandwich for lunch. 'Oh.' After lunch I'll forget all about him and move on. You gotta keep moving on, you dig?

The news never stops! Not that I care. / Hedgies, innocent or guilty, what do I care? Bankers, sane or insane, who can tell the difference? Ah, one day, it won't matter. Every human, naked on the earth, a fire, and a storm above, rain coming down. I have seen it! Wretched, alone in the cosmos. Afraid! All waiting for me, a saviour. / If I want the job, of course. I might be better off in my cave, aloof. Just a blanket. And my guitar. A new Zarathustra! Yes, hiding from the dirty mob. The fools have got it coming! Why should I help?


Anyway, enough of that. Until after lunch. 'Then?' No. 341. 'Yippee!' I will overcome!

Music? I was listening to the Layla album. Now? Er ... maybe the Beano album.