Monday, 17 August 2015

Who is Justin Christofel?!

Well, well ... / Er ... / Who is he?! Who is this guy?! For the love of Christ, who is Justin Christofel?! 'It all sounds pretty exciting, boss, and urgent. Is our Justin in the news?' No, he's not in the news, Voice. And he's not our "Justin". [Thank Christ!] He's just some fund manager, a BlackRock fund manager. He manages the BlackRock Global Multi-Asset Income fund - if you can believe that. 'Oh.' And I want to know who he is. 'Well, you've just told us, ain't ya?' Come on! There must be more, man. 'Oh ... like, This person is connected to 0 board members in 0 different organizations across 8 different industries -?' No! Nothing like that! Please stop with all the annoying Bloomberg shit. / I mean, I mean ... dear reader(s), come on!!! Who is Justin Christofel really, deep down, in his soul, yeah? 'Boss, this guy has only been working since 2006. He's a baby!' What?! 'He started at Oliver Wyman in 2006. Can you believe it? 2006!!!' Ha! I've listened to albums that have lasted longer than Justin's career. 'What are you listening to now?' The Beatles. White Album. 'Bloody hell! When did you start listening to that?' 2005. 'When will it be finished?' Sometime in 2017. 'Ha!' Much longer than Justin's career!

Of course, he has some way to go. / I wish Justin all the best. I always wish his type all the best at the end of a post. 'Always?' Most of the time, Voice. It's basic good manners.


Ah, that's enough nonsense. It's Monday morning in the middle of August. / The sun is shining, and there is no news. 'Everyone is on holiday, boss.' Everyone except us, Voice. No rest for the wicked, eh?

Anything else? Only the guitar. When all else fails, I have the guitar. / Learning the five boxes for scales has given me a lot more options. I'm starting to kick some genuine ass with my lead playing, man. / This week is the last week of the eighteen-month period where I've upped my game, sort of. I mean, before, I was playing my guitar for only half hour a day, you dig? This last "period" though, or "season" [Rimbaud], I've been doing an average of two hours fifteen minutes a day. It's made a big difference. Obviously, I would like to do more ...