Tuesday, 25 August 2015

David Fiszel is leaving Point72

Let's forget about Black Monday, dear reader(s). It was a load of bullshit anyway. 'What?!' These things happen. Bad times, good times, and ... more bad times, and good times. All a part of life's rich pageant. 'I suppose.' / Now, this David Fiszel character, what do we know about him? 'Not a lot.' Ha! I've been looking at his LinkedIn profile. So I know a few things. Unfortunately, he hasn't updated it yet. It still says he's doing the Honeycomb thing at Point72. 'The Honeycomb thing, boss? Is that a new dance?' Yes, it is. He invented it. 'Well, never mind. / Er ... maybe our Dave hasn't updated his profile yet because he's still at Point72.' Mr Fiszel should be telling the whole world about his new venture, Voice. He should be proud! Proud as, er ... a peacock, is it? 'I think so.' / Yes, reader(s), David Fiszel is starting a new firm that will invest in technology companies. 'Hedge fund, yeah? What will it be called, Mikey?' We don't know yet, man. 'Oh dear. Not more pie in the sky, surely?!' Don't say that! Let's give our Dave a chance. He's still under the cold eyes of Stevie, remember. 'Oh.' Those merciless eyes that watch and watch and watch, and see ... everything! 'Nasty!' Well, I've been told you get used to, Voice.


You can get used to anything. / Ah, staring eyes, merciless eyes, who cares?! There are voices that whisper in the night. There are shadows that creep around the walls. What do YOU(!) ... want me to do about it, yes, all of it, er ... them? I can't control the whole of the dark, unnatural NATURE seeping from our subconscious ness nesses, can I? I have troubles of my own. Your troubles belong to you.

That's the way it is. The suffering will continue until we see the face of God. 'Ha!' / Obviously, it's a shame that too many of us will be seeing the face of Satan instead.

Think of what you're doing. There is still time to repent.