Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Ken Nicholson is joining Mirabaud Asset Management

Well, well ... / Yes, Ken Nicholson is a very interesting man. If you go to the Fundweb site you will see a picture of him, [no you won't, they've had complaints, obviously] dressed as a woman, shaking the hand of Mirabaud head of sales and marketing for UK and Northern Europe ... Paul Boughton! 'A big build up there, boss. I enjoyed that. No drum roll though.' You can't have everything, Voice.

Of course, we don't judge anyone on this blog, and we don't discriminate. 'No.' Our Kenny is a good lad. Some people say he was born in Aden in Yemen during the early sixties. ['What's that got to do with anything?' I don't know, man.] And some people say he studied at Aberdeen University graduating with a degree in economics and politics. ['Oh.'] But I'm not going to comment. Each to their own, you dig? It takes all sorts to make a world.

{{Is there any need for the square brackets, really?}}

However, I can tell YOU(!), dear reader(s), that "our" Mr Nicholson will be managing European small and mid cap equity portfolios at Mirabaud. 'Exactly what Fundweb said, Mikey!' Oh yes. Well, I'm not going to argue with them, Voice. They're the experts, supposedly. We have to trust Fundweb. 'Ha! Are you sure?' If it all turns out to be a bunch of filthy lies my conscience will be clear.


Anything else? Er ... I'll be writing a conceptual later, No. 343. 'What will it be about?' I don't know yet. Does it matter?

To tell you the truth, reader(s), I'm mainly thinking about my lunch at the moment. 'What are you having, boss?' A cheese and onion sandwich, and a small blackcurrant cheesecake. 'No Coke?!' No. I'm getting healthy. I'll be having a nice refreshing cup of tea. 'Great!' Yes.

Well, laters.