Monday, 10 August 2015

Steven Hart gets four months in prison for impersonations!

Oh, this is just crazy now! The SEC is totally out of control! / Steven Hart was the Mike Yarwood of the hedge fund world. He liked to do impersonations. So what?! Some hedgies like to play the guitar, some like to do photography, others just hang around the pub all day. I just ... What is wrong with the SEC, man?! How on earth is it a crime to - 'Boss, I think you're confused. The SEC says he was impersonating his boss at Octagon Capital. He wasn't doing impressions!' Oh, okay. Yeah. Never mind. Well, it is Monday morning. I haven't actually woken up yet, dear reader(s).

'Stevie Hart lied to regulators, Mikey, and obstructed a probe.' A probe? 'Yes.' So they were probing him? 'I suppose so, yes.' Christ! Is there any need for that?! That's really disgusting, Voice! 'Er ... a probe, boss. An investigation, yeah?' Oh, of course. An investigation. / Let's talk about something else ... 'Please!'


Music? 'Guitar!' Guitar? / I've spent the last few days memorizing the five boxes on the fretboard for lead playing (scales). I vaguely knew them before, but now I know them properly: the right shapes in the right positions. For example, if I want to play in G Major somewhere in the middle of the fretboard, I go to the fifth fret and play the third box. Also, I can play the first box in A Major from the second fret all the way up to the fourteenth fret and fifth box. I'm even starting to remember individual notes. Eventually, I want to know where every note is without having to look at a chart.

A lot of guitarists, like Jimmy Page, say they don't know that shit, but I think it helps. (I'm sure Eric Clapton knows.) / David Gilmour says when he's working out the solo for a new song he just attacks the guitar and might play out of key, initially. Which suggests he really doesn't know his scales.

So, I'm making progress. Sort of. / However, I find: the more you know, the more you discover there's loads you don't know. If that makes any sense. Basically, the guitar is a bottomless pit. 'Does that make any sense, Mikey?' It does to me, Voice.