Thursday, 6 July 2017

KGAL announces ...

Right, we've got another German one. 'Another German what, boss?' PR email. 'Oh. Are you popular in Germany then?' I don't know, Voice. Probably not. It's just where the news comes from. Thank God it's not written in German! I mean, I studied the language at school, even went to Germany for five days, but ... 'The only German you know now is ... Auf wiedersehen, pet.' Yes. Goodbye ... pet. I don't know what the English for pet is ... / Anyway! -

Grünwald, 04.07.2017 - KGAL announces the first closing of its core plus European renewable fund ESPF 4. With €255 million of committed equity, the Luxembourg-based SICAV-SIF vehicle is in line with its fundraising schedule, having attracted large commitments from four major European institutional clients.

Great! 'Nice!' It's great. 'Okay.' Yes.

KGAL ESPF 4 fund was launched a year ago as a successor fund for ESPF 3. The core plus investment strategy focuses on the entire spectrum of the value chain in the fields of wind, photovoltaics and hydropower - with a  focus on greenfield investments - across Europe. Capital deployment will focus on opportunities in wind repowering, hydro power consolidation, PV value enhancement and opportunistic power storage synergies.

'Er ... great, boss!' Yes, it's nice. 'Shit!' Ha! I am wondering though ... 'What?' Well, shouldn't Michael Ebner have something to say about this exciting development? 'Our Mickey, Mikey? Oh, I'm sure he does.' Well, let's see ... ah! 'What?' Look, further down in the email -

Michael Ebner, Speaker of the Management Board of KGAL Investment Management and responsible for infrastructure sees that: "With our optimized risk-return profile within the Fund, we are harnessing our substantial asset management know how in renewable energy assets for the Investors as well as the extensive experience in deal sourcing and project acquisition."

Brilliant! 'Uh ... nice.' I suppose. 'But Gert Waltenbauer will be getting jealous, boss.' Eh? Who?! 'Gert Waltenbauer.' Who the hell is he?! 'Ha! Only the CEO of KGAL, man. Let him speak!' Okay, okay. Hang on a minute. [A minute passes, dear reader(s).] Yes, here he is -

Since KGAL itself also invests in the fund, the organization's goals are in alignment with the institutional investors. Gert Waltenbauer, CEO of KGAL GmbH & Co. KG emphasizes: "Our own investments in the fund underline our strong belief in the fund's strategy and the sector's future development. The dynamic development of renewable energy markets requires a flexible, regionally diversified investment strategy that is aligned with investment cycles. We determined these trends and translated them into a strategy that offers attractive, risk-free return on investment." The fund should be completely placed by the end of 2018.

Nice, eh? 'Very nice.' Let's finish with a bit about the company, group, whatever, itself -

KGAL Group is a leading, independent asset and investment manager with an investment volume of € 21.5 billion, across 87,000 investors. The Group, founded in 1968, operates across Europe and has its registered office in Grünwald near Munich. It focuses on long-term capital investments for institutional investors in the property, aircraft and infrastructure asset classes. 335 employees contribute to achieving earnings that are stable in the long term, taking into account aspects of revenue and risk.


Right. Okay. 'Right.' Yes. Anything else? 'Music?' Music! I want to correct something in that conceptual post from yesterday, No. 527. It's true that I have seven complete songs now. However, I only have one piece of music without lyrics because - 'Because you've scrapped yet another tune. For fuck's sake, Mikey! You're not going to get anywhere like this.' Shut up, Voice! You don't know anything about it. I have a vision, son, all right? 'I thought you had a goal.' I have a goal and a fucking vision above that goal! 'Oh.' Yeah. Go and watch the video on YouTube. 'You mean Jordan Belfort's module four?' Yes. Go and get some vision, man, and some ambition. You can't be my intern forever, you know.

Christ! Anyway, it's the end of the week. Have a nice weekend, reader(s)!