Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Bunker gets some investment from Palatine Private Equity

The Bunker again. / And I don't want any crude jokes about The Bunker, thank you, dear reader(s), Voice. I'm not in the mood this morning. 'You've been in a bad mood all week, boss.' So?

Right. Blah, blah, blah. We don't need that. Blah, blah, blah. We don't need this. 'That bit? Are you sure?' We don't need it, Voice. Trust me. Right. About Palatine ...

Founded in 2005, Palatine Private Equity is an entrepreneurial, Partner led private equity business with a focus on backing like-minded people in the UK regional lower middle market. The Partners have over 80 years' experience working with entrepreneurs and management teams in private equity backed businesses.

Over eighty years' experience in just twelve years. Impressive! / Now, surely the firm sees huge potential in The Bunker - ?

Palatine sees huge potential in The Bunker as an Ultra-Secure Managed Service Provider and plans to build The Bunker to create a full service cyber security business and several acquisitions to achieve this aim have already been identified.

I knew it! / Okay. What did Phil Bindley say?

Phil Bindley, Managing Director at The Bunker said: "The investment and backing of Palatine is a huge endorsement of the quality of our business and the unique offering we have in today's increasingly security focused market. Equally and importantly the cultural fit between The Bunker's management team, Andy Hague Group CEO and Palatine was one that stood out to us during this process. In particular their strong held belief that the route to making businesses as successful as possible is by investing in people, a view that resonated soundly with myself and the wider management team of The Bunker. The entire business are tremendously excited about the opportunities this will bring and the additional services and value we will be able to deliver to customers both current and new."

Well, that's all right. So, uh ... 'What did Andy Hague say, boss?' I really don't know, Voice. And I don't care. 'Oh.' However, Tony Dickin is another matter!

Tony Dickin, Partner at Palatine Private Equity, said: "We look forward to working with the management team of The Bunker and Andy Hague in building on the excellent market position the Company has in the high security managed service sector, as well as developing its position in the wider cyber security space. As part of the value creation plan for the business we will look to deliver a buy and build strategy and we are currently in discussions with a number of parties we believe will provide exciting additional services to the Bunker. We believe the management team have built a fantastic business to date and that there is a currently a significant market opportunity to develop the business further."

And ... ENDS, as they say in the business. 'Shame about Andy, boss.' Ha! I can't quote everyone, man. I'd be here all day. And I'm hungry, you know? I want my lunch. I've got a cheese and pickle sandwich.


Right. Anything else? It's the end of the week, alligator(s), and I'm knackered. (No. 529 later though.) 'Music, Mikey?' All right, Voice, music. I've got another new tune, nearly. Just need to finish half a chorus. And I'm keeping this one. 'Ha!' I mean it this time, son. It's a big tune. With the right lyric it could be a big song, like those other two. And if all three were to appear on the same album, well ... 'People would have to give up their religious beliefs, like Carlito Brigante said.' Exactly!

Anyway, later(s).