Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Partech International Ventures VII fund

Good news. Well, for Partech Ventures. 'Them again, boss?' Them again, Voice.

Partech Ventures announces today the final closing of its seventh venture fund at the €400M hard cap, thus completing a unique investment program spanning from pre-seed, seed, venture to growth stages over the past eighteen months.

Unique? What's unique about it? Never mind. I'm sure we'll find out. / Oh, I've got a headache/migraine thing, dear reader(s). One of my eyes is all messed up from the smart phone. So I'm not going to be my usual fun self this morning.

The Partech International Ventures VII fund reached its hard cap of €400M in June 2017. It has been oversubscribed, bringing together thirty major European and U.S. investors along with business angels, entrepreneurs and tech executives. All previous investors renewed their support, and new leading international players joined them, accounting for half of the investors of the round.

Okay. I think "unique" is just something they say. There's no harm in it. 'Everyone likes to think they're doing something unique, boss.' Of course they do. It's human nature.

Investments across the Partech platform range from €200K in seed to €40M in growth and meet all financing needs of the best innovative startups, regardless of their development stage. The investments cover the entire scope of emerging technologies which are shaping the future of major industries, such as applications, software and cloud computing, artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, robots and components, industry of the future, virtual reality, blockchain, drones, mobility, cybersecurity, networks and infrastructure, etc.

Okay. Not too much human nature there. It's all bloody robots! I don't see the attraction myself.

There's a lot of this email and it's making me feel worse, my eye, like. I'll finish with this -

With this strong growth in investments, made possible by several generations of extraordinary entrepreneurs, dozens of tech and digital champions are emerging in Europe. The promising new tech companies are financed by venture funds which now have both the critical size and the means to support these entrepreneurs on a very operational level. Another key element of the ecosystem is the fact that several major European corporations are beginning to reap the rewards of their digital transformation, and are making ambitious acquisitions up to hundreds of millions of euros.

Maybe it is unique. Maybe if I were in a better mood ... 'It all depends on your point of view, boss.' Yes.


Anything else? Oh, I hope not. I want to have a lie down in a minute. Actually, why wait a minute? 'Ha!' Laters, blog fan(s)!