Tuesday, 4 July 2017

MPC Capital has got a new office in Panama!

"Hi Michael, I hope all is well." Yeah, it's great, man! [But only the date was wrong.] Thanks! 'Boss! Boss!' What, Voice? 'Who said that?! Who are you talking to?' Er ... just a friend. 'A friend?! A new voice?' No, not really. Who could replace you?

MPC Capital, an international investment manager of real assets with 5.1bn EUR AUM, announced the launch of MPC Renewables Panama S.A., based in Panama. Under newly appointed Fernando Zuniga, MPC Renewables Panama will support the development, management and further expansion of the company's renewable energy projects throughout the Caribbean.

'Oh, okay. Another PR email. I was worried for a bit there, boss.' Ha! Christ! No one wants your job anyway, Voice. 'I'm the only one who can put up with your insanity.' Yes, that's true. / Dr Rock! I think he's a disc jockey working out of San Francisco ...

"Central America and the Caribbean is a key region for the growth of our renewable energy business," said Dr. Roman Rocke, Management Board Member, MPC Capital AG. "Having an office in Panama City, under the leadership of Fernando Zuniga, who has extensive experience in the sector, is a strategically important step in serving our investors and business partners and in our international growth."

Oh, no, he's not. Never mind. / Well, it sounds all right, this new office in Panama. And MPC Capital? A German company, probably. There's no harm in it ...

About MPC Capital AG. MPC Capital AG is an independent asset and investment manager for real asset investments. Together with its subsidiaries, the company develops and manages real asset investments and investment products for international institutional investors, family offices and professional investors. Its focus is on the asset categories Real Estate, Shipping and Infrastructure. MPC Capital AG has been quoted on the stock exchange since 2000 and has around 250 employees group-wide.

Okay. What else?


Anything else? 'Your music, Mikey?' Yeah, okay. I've finished a new tune! 'Brilliant!' I've been messing about with it for weeks and finally got it right yesterday. It has a strange structure but could make a great album track with the right lyric. I see it as maybe the last song on an album. 'A classic album.' Exactly!

Politics? I don't discuss politics any more - as you know, dear reader(s). 'Oh.' However, I'll just say I find it hilarious that the conservatives are caving in now and accepting Jeremy Corbyn's worldview. 'Ha!' They are in complete meltdown!